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Originally Posted by The Breeze View Post
Seems like my Tiger XC wants to constantly pull to the right. It never really bothered me on day rides.....but, just completed a 3k mile ride to the Ozarks (which has fantastic twisties by the way) and when slabbing it home to South Texas, it became a PIA.

In other words, while going 70-80 mph down the highway, if you take your hands off the bars......the bike will start to drift to the right. Which means I'm constantly having to push forward on the left bar (with light pressure)....or pull back on the right bar....(i.e., counter steering) to keep the bike going straight.

I love this bike, but would really like to resolve this issue.

Does everyones Tiger do this? Is there a fix?

Nothing like that with mine...I've got an O-ring between the bar end and the handgrip to act as a poor-man's (read KLR owner's) cruise control and unless there is a very pronounced crown in the road, I can ride with both hands off the bars pretty much indefinitely. If there is an unusually pronounces crown in the road, a little body english can keep me going straight.

Might want to check your rear wheel alignment. Have you or a dealer adjusted chain tension?

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