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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
Disclaimer: I own a DR650 and have only done extensive research on the WR250R. I also live in Florida.

The WR can easily do 50k or more miles if its well taken care of. A good thing is some of the expensive farkles are already done, so its pretty much buy and ride for 3400- not bad. I guess the only thing to be wary of is how well the bike has been maintained (which is excellent as youve explained) and how hard its been ridden (and crashed). Seems the guy prolly rides it hard with the type of farkles he has, but not necessarily.

Id say take it to a Yammie dealer and have them do a compression check and a general lookover before buying- you would pay for this yourself of course. Ive been keeping my eyes open for a WR and I have not found one for under 4500, even with more miles than that, ANYWHERE, let alone Florida. If the compression is alright and it only needs a few things, id say go for it. Well see what other inmates think

If your bud decides not to, send me a PM (or post here) and I might consider it myself

Good luck..

**EDIT** Some 08 models have had fuel pumps fail; unless he has replaced it, id go ahead and set aside a few hundred for a new one as insurance
hmm...make's me want to toss my 100% stock (handguards/brake/caliper guards/folding mirror) one owner, well maintained 8,500 mile 08 WRR on a trailer, take a week trip down to FL and sell!! $4,500 & free delivery...any takers?

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