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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
You can have all the opinions you want, but you're disseminating bad information to a prospective owner, and you aren't even passing it on from personal experience with the WR.

I totally encourage information sharing with prospective owners but maybe the people doing the sharing should actually have experience with WTF they are talking about.

Not. Directed. At. You.

I got my information from people who have experience with WTF they are talking about, primarily from this thread and nearly every damn google page on the WR250R because I am OBSESSED with this bike because it is awesome (unlike you). Do you mean to tell me some dude who goes and buys a WR250R and doesnt read on it (just rides it) is suddenly more qualified to address issues that he may have no experience with than someone else who has the accrued wisdom of thousands of owners because he takes the time to research the bike?

You go ahead and keep drinking the K&N koolaid btw. Make sure you list it in your for sale ads so I can be sure to avoid your bike.
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