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Originally Posted by KansasBob View Post
Back to the sticking throttle.......................................... .......

Here is a thread on the Throttle position Sensor.

It's not about sticking throttle but more about adjusting the TPS. There is some discussion on the thread about moving the TPS too much one way or the other and causing the throttle to stick. I'm beginning to think there may be a correlation between some of the sticking throttle issues people report, and TPS just by the way it sounds, but that said I have no personal experience with the problem. What I have done is loosen both screws holding the TPS and adjust it, which is a huge pain in the ass.

What I am thinking is.......... that if the TPS was not adjusted evenly at both screw locations at the factory it could be off center from the shaft just a small amount, enough to cause a bind. This could be the reason some people found it to be in a bind when making adjustments.

Unfortunately it would be a pretty labor intensive job to loosen up the TPS and see if the TB can be taken out of a bind by moving it.
Not that hard to adjust you don't need to loosen the bolts just tap it with a blunt object carefully
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