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No , actually , I cannot recall having ever seen one of the
"Turkish" squatter toilets in Mexico .really.
I am familiar with the squatters from visits to campgrounds in various parts of Europe and Morocco.
The toilets in Hotel Montecarlo in Mexico DF are just as good as in the USA with water dumper and a good seat.
THe Mexican solution to broken toilet seats is really very good- they produce new porcelain toilets which are cast with slightly smaller bowl tops and smooth rounded rims . This produces a very comfortable "interface" and you can "download " in comfort , without danger of falling in. These new bowls also remove the problem of ignoramuses ripping the seats off. Certainly they are much more hygenic and easier to keep clean than having the US style flip up seat with cracks and nail holes and mounting hardware. The absolute most stupid feature in US toilets is padded toilet seats.
The squatters are really a good solution , if the ignorant morons insist on missing the target it is a simple matter
of just hosing the entire booth down. They would however be a problem for somebody with bad knees or hips and
can not squattttttttttt

Hotel Montecarlo is really a very nice classy hotel from earlier decades used by business travellers and movie stars and is still a very good well maintained business. It is just that the jet set and the big corporate bidniz travellers have set their sights on the new hotels in other newly upscale parts of town to show off their wealth
.You can see a picture of the hotel just by getting on and typing in the name and adress and clicking on the image at left to bring up the street scene and then pan around it. Some cretin has just tagged the front stucco with a spray can but that means nothing .
You can actually move down the street tyo the east a few doors and see that the Mexican Stock Exchange is on the other side of the street (Bolsa De Valores)

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