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Originally Posted by ImaPoser View Post
Single player mainly. Fallout, skyrim type games are my fav.
I'm using one of those old 15" tv type monitors. I think I'll be upgrading that as well.
A good 24" HD (1920x1080 or better yet 1920x1200) monitor will run ~250. I'm partial to the Dell Ultrasharp / USB ports. If you've been using a crt all this time it will melt your eyeballs right out of your head.

Graphics card should probably be nVidia GTX 650 TI or better.

Processor should be an Intel Core i5 or better.

Ironically, building your own system is no longer the cheapest way to get a good computer. I'd recommend going down to the local newstand and getting a copy of PC Gamer and Maximum PC. Both will usually have a recommended build for "Best Bang for the Buck!" plus all of the advertisers inside can give you an idea of what builds are generally priced at.

Note that the three things that usually cost the most to upgrade when custom building a system (Storage, Graphics and Ram) are some of the easiest and cheapest to do by yourself. So you could buy a system for ~$400 see what you like about it, play some games and then target upgrades for what's really needed. I've upgraded my graphics card twice since building my current system, Once for Fallout 3 and again for Skyrim. I currently have an Invidia GTX670 so I'm good until Fallout 5.

I will be honest, you'll never build a good game computer cheaper than a console of any kind, but a computer is the best pr0n machine ever built. Plus, first release games are usually the same price (except for the Lego Games) as console games. However, the computer games are always discounted first, are more likely to go on sale cheaper and are easier for companies to patch. Not only that but services like Steam and GOG (Good Old Games) are always offering nut-buster sales of all sorts and GOG updates the old classics to play in modern versions of Windows and Mac(!).
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