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where are the pedals?
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The cabin isn't finished yet, so we throw our sleeping bags down on the concrete slab.
This little fellow thought that Traveltoad's bivy looked inviting.

I think they may have cuddled all night.
And, Nooo, they weren't really devil dogs. That's just silly. The elevation is too high for devil dogs.

Leaving in the morning after really good coffee.

Easy roads out of there.

Best part of the trip was being able to ride straight to the front of this bullshit at the border.
2 hour wait in a truck! 5 minutes on a bike!

Actually, best part of the trip was meeting Rollergirl and my truck at Alpine brewery, while Traveltoad had an ass-numbing freeway ride home! Best beer and fries ever!

Then loaded bike in truck and drove home.
That's it for now.
where does that road go?
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