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Originally Posted by airheadpilot View Post

Anyone else have an experience like this? I'm assuming that my hard revving while cold meant that the thicker, cold oil couldn't circulate fast enough, but that frankly seems a little strange to me.


2012 Super Tenere

Hi Andrew.

As Fred said it's an oil Level warning light not a pressure light.
As Bundu said put a few extra mm in the thing to bring it up to the full level if you are worried.

The basic explanation is.

With dry sump motors you have the oil being scavenged from the bottom of the motor and pumped back into the reservoir tank. It is picked up from that tank and pumped through the motor and it all drips back down into the collector at the bottom of the engine where it is picked up again and pumped back to the tank.

You have two drain plugs on the S10, one at the rear which drains the majority of the oil in the tank and one toward the front of the bike that drains the small amount left in the plate.

When the bike is cold it sometimes takes a bit longer for the oil to get back to the tank and the level drops which means you probably have more oil in the motor than usual not less, if you get my drift.

So you can fill the thing to the top of the sight glass without any consideration of the engine "drowning in oil" because the oil doesn't sit in the engine. No pistons will be slopping around in too much oil. (within reason that is).

So fill it up to the top of the glass and be happy.
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