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Originally Posted by mpatch View Post
Not that hard to adjust you don't need to loosen the bolts just tap it with a blunt object carefully
Originally Posted by dogjaw View Post
Not being familiar at all with this bike, I have no idea where to even begin looking for the elusive TPS; as a DR rider, these things don't even exist in my world...looks like I'll be pulling up a schematic when I get home.

If this is what it is, Any ideas why it would choose the first cool night ride to go out if adjustment?
My Ford Explorer that had the TB replaced stuck the first time for me on a cold night. I've had one Carb stick from icing up too. Cold humid air collected ice around the butterfly when it was below freezing, but once you stopped and let it set for just a minute it melted and freed up.

Starting on Page 3 of the post I linked there are photos of the Process and a pic of a home made special tool.
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