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Should I buy a Ural?

I attended a dualsport rally and saw the guys and gals on hacks having so much fun.
I generally ride small offroad trail bikes, and I converted my dirtbike to street legal to
ride in dualsport rallies. I haven't been enjoying these rallies because my bike is too
small power, and I cannot ride the bigger power bikes because my legs are too short.
I think I want a Ural because it was my dream is to own and ride a BMW GS boxer motorcycle,
but my legs are too short and my upper body strength is not so great. So I think the next best
thing is a Ural. I like a brand new
one with reverse gear. I don't want to wrench no more. Just want to pay someone
else to get dirty. I've never ridden a hack. When I ride with them on dirt and gravel roads,
they always fly down the straight aways and zoom around curves faster than us two-wheel
guys. Does it take a great deal of learning curve to ride a side car motorcycle well?
I still like to ride small trail bikes. Would learning to drive a Ural confuse my muscle memory
in dirtbike riding skill?
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