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To access the controls for making these changes, you must first make a jumper wire to ground (did mine to the negative battery terminal) from the "extra" black wire in the connector for the lean angle sensor underneath the seat. There are three wires on one side of the connector that are used by the LAS and another black one on the opposite side that connects to nothing. This is probably used by the dealer to connect to Yamaha's diagnostic software.

OSU:(Here is the lean angle sensor under the seat.)

OSU:(There is the one lone black wire on this side of the connector.)

OSU:(Here is the other side, you need to jump the black wire to the ground wire on this side.)

Hold down the "reset" and "select 1" buttons on the insturment cluster at the same time and Turn on the key (but don't press the starter button) while continuing to hold these two buttons. After 8 seconds the display will read "diag"
press select 1 (i think) until you get to the screen that show throttle % the TPS is a black plasic round thing on the right side of the engine behind the frame rail use a dowel or something similar to try to tap it a bit, it took me a bit of back and forth to get the % right and have no throttle bind
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