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October 24 On to Saltillo

Iím going in the general direction of San Miguel de Allende where Iíd like to spend 2 or 3 days. Not a lot of options to get there Ė the direct route looks boring. Decided to go by way of Real de Catorce which is supposed to be a cool town on a mountain top and a place I've wanted to go to anyhow.

To summarize the riding today . . . flat, straight, cuotas, trucks. Spent about $450p ($35) in tolls . . . The Libres were essentially running parallel to the cuota and I was on them for awhile then got back on the Cuota as I had left Parral late not realizing I would lose an hour moving to the next time zone. I didnít want to be wandering around Saltillo in the dark.

Came across a Mexican prison Ė donít see many around Ė I guess not as many as I would expect a lower percentage of criminals go to jail . . . Not a great picture as I didnít want to be overly obvious and end up in there myself.

The gas situation proved to be interesting today also. Riding at 100 -125 kph for most of the day with some decent winds at times and my mileage plummeted. I was expecting to fill up at one station in the middle of nowhere and arrive with about 30km of fuel left to find they are completely out of gas Ė all the pump jockeys sitting around doing nothing. Next gas is about 110 km. There is a station about 5km in a small town but they were out of gas also. So, in goes my spare gas and off we go.

Coming into Saltillo, I expected a station about 60 km from town but never saw it. Was gunning for the first station in town when I came across one about 10km out. Took 16.1 litres . . . my tank holds 16 litres. Iím thinking I would have had to dip into the spare gas again had I not come across this station at that moment.

Interesting terrain Ė kind of a high desert. Mostly 4-5,000 feet Ė varied between sand and cactus and agriculture. Had to get through the large city of Torreon but the ring roads do a pretty good job of getting through with only minimal drama. Still donít like cities.

Had decided to go to Hotel Rancho el Morilllo in the City of Saltillo based on some recommendations. Supposed to be a nice place located out of the downtown area. However, my GPS and the genius operating it took me off the perfectly good ring road and dragged me through the middle of town anyway because I guess that seemed to be shorter. Oh well.

The lady checking me in showed me my room and then said I could park in front of it. Had to take my bags off to get around the corners but made it through. First had to make a hard right through this gate.

Then down this long sidewalk

Around this corner to the left

Then down these sidewalks to in front of the far window

And, there she is, hiding. My room is right behind the purple flowers.

Had to take my bags off to get around the corners. Going in, the angles worked just right but going out, that last corner with the gate just wouldnít make it. So, I just dragged the ass end over about 2 inches and I was good to go.

Hotel turns out to be quite nice. Older place with beautiful grounds. Owner Norma is a great lady. She is the third generation operating the hotel and restaurant and the family has done a great job of keeping it well maintained and very comfortable. They have only 14 rooms so the place isnít a madhouse.

Dinner of tacos

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