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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Have we talked about chipsealed roads?
If not ... they suck.....
Here in the USA at least it has been my experience that the "chips" of rock are over applied leaving a very slippery surface on newly "sealed" roads.

Once you have seen a few of them, they are recognizable as the entire road bed (at least in the beginning) is extremely uniform in color, but is slippery as hell!!! take care.

"Although chip seal is an effective low cost way to repair road, it has some drawbacks. Loose crushed stone is often left on the surface, due to under-application of bitumen or over application of stone. If not removed, this can cause safety and environmental problems such as cracked windshields, loss-of-control crashes (especially for motorcyclists, bicyclists and small trucks), and deposition of foreign material into drainage courses. Therefore, it is very important to sweep the road after the emulsion sets."
Chipseal is pretty common on the rural roads of Pennsylvania.. My buddy and I once hit a 'saddle' lower spot that for some reason accumulated a lot of the loose gravel... problem being that we were going at a pretty good rate on the bikes, and could not make out which way the road turned at the top of the rise due to the way the trees were. There was NO doubt the road turned, as all we were seeing was green leaves, but there was also no reference for which way it turned. All I knew is that by the time I instinctively was going for the brakes I saw my buddy's rear tire skidding and stone chips being thrown just ahead of me. I knew there was trouble and that, on my current trajectory, I would be lucky if I was thrown into the woods instead of hitting a tree head on immediately upon entering the forest.

I wrote the rest up as the strangest thing I almost hit in that thread:

"I've seen a lot of road debris / mattresses / etc., but I'd say the strangest thing wasn't all that strange...

Just a dog, in his own front yard, that was barking and running out after my buddy (at a 90-degree angle) who blew the turn (really, the turn wasn't the issue as we never saw it - many feet beforehand was gravel that we didn't expect in a dip in the road, with the top of the road hidden by trees on both sides that, ideally, we would have braked well in advance for and eventually judged - but there would be no good braking on that gravel) and ended up, luckily, skidding through a conveniently placed front yard (we both thought each of us were in for an ambulance ride, and the bikes totalled against trees). As mad as that dog was, and as hard as he was charging, he seemed shocked when he realized that even farther into his yard, and 10 feet behind the motorcyclist he was chasing, another biker was headed right for him.

At that point the dog stopped both barking and running just in time to watch me skid across the wet grass right in front of him (probably one foot from his nose), then across his gravel driveway at the far end of the property, then across the wet grass at the northern end of the property. Interestingly, he was so shocked that he didn't bark nor chase after us afterward, either, lol."

That both riders and bikes came out unscathed was a miracle in my book. I don't know the family who cleared that little section of woods there and put a house on it, but boy am I thankful for them.
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