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Here's one I was considering.....till I saw the $2k price tag

It's the latest Gen i7 Overclocked at 5.9GHZ (Yes, 5.9GHz)
It's got a liquid cooler
512GB SSD (For OS)
Its got 32GB of Ram (you can upgrade to 64GB)
a 560 TI 1GB Video card
2 2TB harddrives
A blu-Ray reader/Writer
It also comes with a 3D 24' Display that has 2 3D Glasses

Then I see ones like this for $400, and I get all kinds of confused.

I've got an amazing PC that i built about 5 months ago that i no longer have any need or desire for. 3.6ghz processor (i upgraded the heatsink which is about 7x larger than the stock sink tht came with it, so you're free to overclock to about 4.6ghz, but i never messed with it.) Video cards are moderately powerful (i have 2 installed), i can stream on HD 1280x720p with all settings on League of Legends being on "very high" and still maintain 100+ FPS. Without streaming, i sit pretty at about 300+FPS when playing. 1TB hard drive, split into 2, but you can remerge if you'd like of course. Avast (the best free anti virus out there) already installed, harddrive relatively empty, but will be ghosting the computer anyway before final sale. If you're interested in learning more about it, or getting some pics, let me know. Aslo, it has 8GB of RAM and a pretty hefty power supply.

No idea what the difference is.

Anyway, A friend loaned me Rage for the xbox. I'm digging it. Probably be able to put off buying that new computer to play war z for a few weeks at least.

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