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Was I the "Friend"

A few years back I had a KLR 650. A younger friend and I were going to hit some back country streams for some native trout fishing. The ride had a nice twisty section (PA Rt. 44 just south of Haneyville) I was going at a pretty constant 45-50 MPH on my Dunlop D606's. The younger, less experienced rider was following on a CBR600F4 which he recently purchased from a private seller. There are some nice sweepers and the ride is nice and smooth until one section over a bridge with a tight left hand turn. My less experienced friend had fallen behind me and was trying catch up on the "straight" sections between the turns. I realized (too late) this turn was tighter than the rest so I slowed down to let him catch up...Then I stopped...Then I turned around and went back. My fears were confirmed with a smashed up bike and a rider laying on the side of the road. I asked if he was OK and he said my butt hurts. It turns out the only big rock on the bank somehow ended up square between his butt cheeks. Other than a few bruises he was OK. The bike was all cosmetic but the front end was all shattered and not really ridable. Some nice ladies in a Subaru gave my friend a ride back down to the nearest town while I followed. I called my wife who then brought the truck. We loaded the bike and headed home.

Lessons learned:
1. The slow bike is not always the slowest.
2. When you buy a used bike make sure the PO didn't armorall the tires! (He shouldn't have crashed if he had good rubber)
3. Scrub in your tires if unsure.
4. Be a real friend...Let the slow guy lead and don't push. (Don't be "That Guy")
5. Veen get too schoon olt, en too late schmart. (Placard from my Grandmother's Kitchen)
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