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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
I swear to god you FFs will argue about anything. If you have a way off using cast iron that works for you, do it. It's a piece of archaic metal, cherished because of the lack of carbon in the iron and the presence of carbon on the iron.

I personally treat my cast iron like I would treat a grill. Preheat before cooking, scrap off the crap, hit with cooking oil, then cook on it. Cleaning? I just remove as much crusty bits and nastiness, if I'm outdoors, I might stick it on the fire to carbonize any junk. Once it's black, it's as sterile as it's ever going to get.
Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see an argument in this entire thread. Differing opinions / tips, yes, but your rant sounds about the same as some other ADV'er I once posted a question to just to ask what make/model of part he used on his bike... he immediately spouted off about ADV'ers arguing about anything, when all I was asking was for the part he used.

My guess is - Some guys either don't read threads with the right frame of mind, or there must be some guys who are just out of touch with reality and discussion. Must be utter joys to be around for their friends and family, lol.
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