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Originally Posted by dogjaw View Post
So where should I start in the process? I feel like a newbie, modded my DR to the moon, haven't even changed the oil in the WR
What I did, first take apart the throttle and remove the cables then put it back together and see if the grip moves freely, 2. follow the cables and look for any kinks, sharp bends etc., 3. rotate the throttle plate by hand if you can get your hand in there if not improvise, turn the plate by hand to where it hangs up stop and check the cables to see if one is tight, if they are both slacked then it's nothing between the grip and the TB. 4. check the return spring, make sure it didn't break or jump off, dont take off the plate because getting the spring back on is a real treat (ask me how I know) if none of that is the issue then the TPS is the only other thing other than something being broken inside the TB.
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