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Was up in Bentonville today and saw an ARCH BK-117 landing at Mercy so went over and it was the bird from Joplin where I used to fly (not the same bird as it was destroyed in Tornado, but another ARCH bird). Pilot was one of the guys I worked with. He told me they are indeed putting Med Flight 3 at Mercy. I am torn, as it would be great to work at home again, but the pay cut, and all the down sides of EMS are giving me second thoughts on even inquiring about the job. Pay cut would probably be $20,000 but could work over plenty and never be more than 2.5 hours from home. Plus you never know when, like EagleMed did, they may just close down the base.

Will be on my mind for awhile I guess, they are looking at February and the aircraft will be the EC-130, a modified version essentially of the A-Star I flew here for EagleMed.

BTW, I did ride my bike to the gym. I was a bit cold at first but actually sweating a bit, wearing shorts no less, in upper 30's weather. I had on good gloves and a wrap around my ears, long sleeve warm jersey, and a light wind vest. On the ride home weather wasn't bad at all.
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