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Originally Posted by 73Mustang View Post
I don't mean I can't do my own maintainence. I've been buying used bikes and fixing 'em myself to ride. My last ride, a Kawasaki, got me real sour about fixing bike because there was so much wrong with it that I spend many nights and weekends working on it when I could have been out riding. I just don't want something old and worn out or a piece of lemon to fix. I'm fine doing oil change, fixing little things here and there. I just don't want big jobs like an engine rebuild. I want to buy brand new, guarantee to handle well from the manufacture. I just don't have time to test setup by trial and error.

But I thought the new Ural are suppose to be reliable, have Japanese ignition and carburetor. Am I wrong to think that? I plan to ride alot by myself in the sticks. I need reliable.
A properly set up Ural is ready to ride without any fiddling, thats not an issue if you buy from an experienced dealer.

They are constantly improving, but they are still hand made, limited production vehicles, there is more variability than contemporary bikes, about what you would expect from a bike in the late 70's. Urals warranty support is second to none, if something comes up they will sort it out. Urals almost always sell for MSRP, shop by dealer reputation, not price.

A Ural requires owner participation, the service interval is 2500km for oil change, and check/adjust valves. On a less regular schedule, adjusting the rear and hack brakes, checking spokes, greasing U-joints and shaft splines, adjusting clutch, checking fasteners, wheel bearing retainers, steering head bearings and other things. Balancing the carbs, and adjusting idle speed, for the first 2500-5000km as needed.
It requires more attention than average, but it's very easy to work on and is actually less demanding in terms of overall time and money than many other bikes I have owned.

I have been using my rig as my full transportation, off pavement riding, snow riding, enduro rallys, and road trips for 5 years .I have managed to break it a couple of times through severe abuse, and have had a couple of minor road side repairs, but overall it has been reliable.

A Ural isn't for everybody, in fact a Ural isn't for most people.......................the same can be said for sidecars in general.........................but they can be very addicting.
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