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Safe and sound, no worries at all.
I'm so sorry for not having posted in a while, but been sooo busy!
Time flies and have no time for sitting and working on the pics and the RR, I'm not happ with myself for this...

Very quick summary of these last days (will expand the RR once back home, promise!):

Spend some very nice days in Andalusia, visiting provinces randomly trying to avoid rainy patches. Was loving it so much, that at some point decided to spend all the remaining of my holidays there. But then some strong rains came and decided I didn't want to be caught in any flooding (even if little) so started going north.

Took me about 3 days to get to Galicia (north west tip of Spain) and spent about 3 days there, one of them in Santiago de Compostela. Rita and I felt a bit like pilgrims!

Now I am on my way back home (Catalonia, north east of the Peninsula). Today slept in Ribadesella, Asturias. I'm seeing the sea from my hotel room. Pretty! But it's freezing cold! There's some kind of polar air current on top of north Spain and temperatures have sunk! These last 2 nights have been the coldest nights of this autumn and there's some snow in Picos de Europa and the Pyreenes. Think won't be doing many mountain passes these last days!

And just a little pic to proof I'm ok!

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