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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
I think that's the biggest complaint. The game never lets you feel like you've accomplished anything and that's a bit frustrating. There are game specs to Rocksmith but it's really tricking you to learn how to play guitar.

So the game forces you to tune and retune after each song or your just have to to stay calibrated? For playing guitar, especially for beginners it's important to play in tune so I can see them wanting that. If the the later, that probably has more to do with the guitar. The combo set comes with a very cheap Epiphone Les Paul Jr. For a guitar it's pretty much at the bottom of the barrel. A better guitar would be less frustrating and stay in tune better. (it's common with cheap guitars.) Although there are tricks to that as well. Like adding graphite between the nut and the strings. Also always tune up and not down. G will usually drop out of tune because of the angle of the string fron the head through the nut. It's a issue with just about all Les Pauls.

I've been wanting to try Rocksmith but the PC version got pushed back a year after the console version and is twice as much for some reason. I'll stick to just playing guitar without the nanny.
It has tricked me into learning a couple of things. My big gripe about the fingering is that i have no clue about whats right. Hell maybe it's in there and i'm missing it.

The in tune thing... I know why its doing it, it's still annoying though. The only place I've found that it doesn't make you check is in between songs while "performing" them, and in the virtual play what you want amp mode. Otherwise every mini game, playthrough of a song, riff practice, makes you sloowly pick each string from low to high.
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