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I've bounced around with a few different vehicles mother swears I change cars more frequently than some people change their underwear. If that's true (and I don't think it is), I don't want to hang out with those people.

Just recently sold the Touareg I had bought. Very, very nice vehicle. But I had a pretty significant issue with it early on requiring a week in the shop, and the computer absolutely refused to light up the brake lights on my trailer...another trip to the dealer. Combine that with a significant change of plans for next spring and beyond, and the T-Reg didn't make sense anymore. A simpler, more rugged vehicle made more that could be temporarily repaired by the side of the road with duct tape and baling wire, rather than requiring a trip to someone wearing a lab coat and speaking with a German accent.


The latest vehicle, and the one that I'm going to hang on to for quite a while, is a Tacoma Access Cab V6 4X4, 6-speed manual, SR5 package. I missed having a truck, missed having a manual transmission, and with some significant changes in plans going into effect next spring, the Taco makes sense. I need something that can handle a bit of rough stuff, extended camping, dirt roads, etc. If time permits (and I think it will) I'll definitely be traveling around the US next spring, possibly followed by a run through Canada to Alaska. Just for the heck of it.

Going back and forth to work I'm getting 17.5-17.9 mpg. Suburban type driving...30-50 mph speeds, rolling hills, stoplights every 1/2-3/4 mile or so. I'm not a speedy driver though, and in normal driving I'm upshifting around 2500 rpm, but the Taco has good torque and tight gear spacing that allows me to shift early and not lug it. On the highway I'm getting a little over 21 mpg...70-75 mph speeds.

It's a simple vehicle, and I wanted it that way. No satellite radio, no bluetooth, no automatic locks or wipers, although I think the satellite radio and bluetooth are options. I initially wanted the 4-cylinder, but then I drove it. Not a bad engine at all, but it's lacking a few beans compared with the V6. And since my intent is that it'll be driven loaded with stuff quite a bit of the time, the V6 emerged as a better choice.

I like the Taco, and hope to keep it around for a long time.

But I'd also say that the new Colorado supposedly coming within the next several months looks good. I've read that the plant is tooling up for it & prepping for production here in the US. Don't know what engines will be offered though. Nissan trucks are good, although the rear seat area with both cabs is cramped in comparison to the Tacoma. The Nissan's engine is nice...more power and more torque than the Taco, but the Taco feels stronger at low RPMs...need to rev the Nissan more to get the most out of it.

Here's mine:


'13 Yamaha Super Tenere - my dream bike
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