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Originally Posted by absoluteclint View Post
Well the XRL club just added one member over the weekend! I've been trying to trade/sell my fourwheeler for quite a while now and finally made a deal over the weekend for an even swap on a 2002 XR650L! Bike is strong and running well. I'll try to get a pic soon.

I now need to know some of your opinions on a few mods I hope to take care of soon. The only mod thus far has been the removal of about 20 ugly-ass stickers! I know alot of this has probably already been discussed on here... Maybe you could direct me to the pages/links so I don't have to sort through thousands of posts. I know is a great site... any others?

#1 - Rear turn signals. One of them is missing... this a priority mod so I can get it tagged. What are the aftermarket options in this department? Hoping to have a little more streamlined/tighter look than the factory blinkers.
#2 - Tires. The tires on it now are in good shape but are street tires. I'm hoping for something that's 60%dirt / 40%street that doesn't break the bank.
#3 - Rack. Which rear rack are you all most happy with? My intentions are nothing more than soft luggage and maybe a fuel cell... Later on I might want to acquire soft saddle bags.
#4 - Gas Tank - Don't need the safari size. Is Clarke 4.7 the only/best option?

Lastly... Any common/inexpensive ways to lighten 'er up?

I'm sure there'll be more mods but this should get me started. THANKS... Looking forward to riding!!
Welcome aboard! For the rear signals there are LOTS of options in addition to keeping the originals and putting in LED's...

For the rack, one of the inmates here Jungleplant makes an awesome rack that you can find on his site here...!__master/honda-xr650l-saddle-bag-rack
He makes a few different things for the XRL, in addition to an adjustable kickstand in case you want to lower your bike....

I got a rack from him and it is very strong and bolted right up. There are lots of bag options too, this might be something you want to think about when you're looking at racks, but I got a wolfman beta plus to go with my rack and they worked very well together...

There are more options for the tanks too like the Acerbis that has 2 petcocks instead of one like the Clarke. I have a clarke 4.7 and really liked the added range it gave me and also never had an issue with not being able to use most of my gas due to the one petcock vs 2.

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