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Originally Posted by n1tr0 View Post
Can you tell if the foam around the bottom of the chin is glued to the outer shell, or would it be possible to slip a chin skirt in.
Getting the face shield on my AFX-39DS closed properly is becoming an issue (2 years of wear & tear and a few face shield swaps on the stock pivots). I hate to give up the quick release chin strap, but an internal flip down tinted shield would be a huge improvement (vs. tinted shield and carrying clear goggles). I'm still hoping that someone comes out with a better quality (than Bilt or AFX) version in the sub-$300 range. Cyclegear's latest email shows the helmet as being $99 right now so it's awfully tempting to pick one up.
I just got a new FX39 yesterday after being in a crash with my old one a week ago. They have re-shaped the face-shield so that it fits better to the lower "snout' at the contact line. There are also 2 places now to pull the shield up (protrusions/handles). I actually despise the chin strap on the 39 as it hits my chin in a bad spot and bottoms out before you get it really tight enough. But, it must work, as my helmet stayed on in the crash and did it's job. Note that I bought a second one.
One further thing about Bilt products. You really are hit/miss on their products. I really like the Typhoon jacket they sell but the gloves and socks I got by them were junk. I end up with all kinds of gear from different mfgrs as to what I like.
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