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Hi PWRCRZR - Nice meeting you and the others over the weekend. I do something a little similar, but not quite.

2011 I bought a Yam WR250R used and shipped it to Salt Lake City. It sat in a warehouse for a week. I flew in, met a budddy and we rode the CDR from Salt Lake. We split at the south end of the CDR and I rode to Phoenix and left it at a friend's house.

In Feb, I flew back out and scouted some of the GWT within 200 miles radius to see if it was big bike friendly. Some of it wasn't.

Last month I flew back and rode north to pick up the Pony Express Trail and rode it to Ely NV. Then to Reno and south through Vegas to Phoenix.

I have been coast/coast many times so my purpose is to explore the great west. My next trip will be Dinosaur National Park to Salt Lake, via Flaming Gorge. It will be mostly dirt roads I have tracks for.

I like your idea for 10 day rides from place to place, but it seems a lot easier if you can find a home base to store the bike and do 10 day loops from there. Pick a place that is cheap to fly to like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and the like.

I ended up duplicating my gear and leaving everything with the bike. Helmet, boots, luggage, dry bags, tent etc.

Basically I fill a carry-on duffel with clothes and such and get on the plane. I didn't even take a laptop the last time, using only my smart phone.

Maintenance is a bit of an issue. I end up having a local tuner service the bike and do the rest (tires, chainsets, repairs) myself. My bike has the tools to do that stuff, and if not, I buy it there.

From Denver you could cover the whole country west of the Mississippi to the Cali/OR border at 300 miles/day doing 10 day loops. From Salt Lake/Las Vegas you could cover Colorado to the left coast easy.

Lots to see out there. Spectacular riding, even in weather.
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