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Hmmm...I've mentioned the slide into the 10' deep ditch while attempting to go round a flood barricade on a probably-no-longer-flooded road (I knew the area) for a look-see and misjudging how much clearance I had elsewhere, but I didn;t see that anywhere in this thread.

But here's my favorite, for the first time ever posted on the net!

Looking at "bigger" bikes after learning the ropes on a midsize Kaw that couldn't handle freeway or distance rides, not yet knowledgable enough to know by the name when one was impossible for me to ride, and so blinking at the hieght of the Sabre some guy was selling. No way, I tell him, can I handle that bike. It's MUCH too tall. The guy, obviously anxious to sell, assures me I can too and invites me to straddle the thing and see for myself. "Okay, it's your funeral" I reply, shrugging, through a leg over, and at his urging pull it up off the side stand...and promptly drop it to the other side as Straight Up the seat hieght literally pulls my feet off the ground.....
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