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These are ususally the groups that go out of their way to make it as difficult as possible to get around them. You either end up making a borderline-stupid pass of the entire group out of frustration, or you muscle your way through them little by little, and usually each step of the way they'll try to box you out. The HD dickhead reputation has been well-earned through years of douchbaggery, which is why there so much bashing here. There are about a million HD-centric forums for these guys to jerk each other off on, so maybe one of you disciples of the "Motor Company" can explain the appeal of hanging out here and whining about the anti-HD vibe.
My guess is that since the HD crowd obviously thinks that either you are riding a Harley or you aren't riding at all, its superiority sense is threatened by being outperformed by other marques. Passing them would be a demonstration of non-HD superiority so they can't permit that to occur.

My personal gripe about HD's isn't related to these group-think but rather the *#&*#& 140 dB pipes. My wife and I were kayaking perhaps 1 km off shore in the FL Keys when a flotilla of these things went by on RT 1. Despite the vast distance, the sound of these things made for a nasty spell way out there.

I feel sorry for the towns where this bunch infests. I know they bring in money but they also bring in misery.
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