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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
We used to ride it in the winter too. It wasn't probably the frozen ground, but the layer between the top layer and the thawing layer before the frozen ground.

Like after a rain it looks good but just peels and slides away. You go around circles trying to stay upright. It's fun, but I suggest only experiencing it once =) This was on MX Trail bikes with full knobbies too!

In all honesty, it's hard on the terrain to ride wet so try to stay off it. Keeps erosion to a minimum.

Like the famous trail on CDT where it says "Impassible when wet".. Well, we didn't turn around, and sure enough for most people it probably would have been impassable. That stuff was great fun to ride but glad the full length wasn't wet because I had a few close calls at speed in a two wheel slide. Good times! We passed some trucks who decided to camp out because their progress was so slow it wasn't much point in pressing on!
Ya, I have grown up about riding in the wet, depending on the trail, it can make a disgusting mess that ruins it for everyone.
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