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Originally Posted by bolink654 View Post
Anywho, tell me about them?

The right most medium one says
Your's is a Lodge 10 1/2" skillet, from the 80's I'd guess. Mine is a D1, and I think I bought it in the late 70's. It has the ground interior, unlike the new Lodge skillets.

SK is part of their numbering system. It just means skillet. DO means Dutch Oven, CO means Camp Oven, etc. The Lodge logo was added around 1987. The fire ring was changed to a groove around 1993.

I really like cooking with CI. I use the bare CI mostly for frying. I've recently starting using an enameled CI Dutch oven for braising and stews, mainly because recipes using tomatoes or broth tend to strip the seasoning from the cast iron.

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