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Originally Posted by Dismount View Post
It has tricked me into learning a couple of things. My big gripe about the fingering is that i have no clue about whats right. Hell maybe it's in there and i'm missing it.

The in tune thing... I know why its doing it, it's still annoying though. The only place I've found that it doesn't make you check is in between songs while "performing" them, and in the virtual play what you want amp mode. Otherwise every mini game, playthrough of a song, riff practice, makes you sloowly pick each string from low to high.
Well for chords you can look them up inline or get a chord book. For fingering it's really up to the player. What's easiest to do while taking into consideration what the next note is so you don't have to much too much. You can also learn some tricks by looking for how-to's on youtube. Think of it as a cheat of sorts.
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