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Awesome project Randi! Looking forward to following your rebuild!

IMHO the CL350 will make a great first bike! Not only will you become intimately familiar with it's mechanicals and workings by the time you are done fixin' Jane up, which is invaluable, but the CB/CL350s are a just a flat-out fun bike to ride. They are plenty forgiving for the beginning rider (keeping in mind of course that it's a 40 year old motorcycle), but are still plenty exciting when you gain more experience.

My first "real" bike was a '70 CL350 bought as a parts bike when I was just getting into motorcycles as well. Fixing it up to the point of being able to ride it was a fantastic learning experience, and one that I wouldn't trade for the world. Once it was running and riding, thumbing the starter-button, shifting into gear and letting out the clutch for the first time was something that I'll never forget, it was that awesome!

For cleaning chrome, a trick I learned from a buddy years ago that's worked fantastic for me is white vinegar and a fine brass-brush. For some reason, the acid in the vinegar and the gentle action of the brass brush really cleans up nasty chrome nicely while not putting new scratches onto it.

As OC said, the Evapo-rust is truly "the nectar of the god's" for removing rust! BTW, the cheapest place I've found it is at Pep Boys.

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