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A friend had just gotten a new K11LT. He babied it. Used the official BMW oil funnel to keep the oil level precisely where it was supposed to be, kept the tire pressure exactly as dictated...blah, blah, blah.

He finally relented to my pestering about a ride. He cautioned me that it was still in the "break-in" period and to not ride it like I rode my bike (a 95 Concours). So off we go up Passo Falzarego. I kept it under 4000rpm like he told me until I eased away from him.

As we parked at the top and I told him about what a sweet ride it was and how I babied it, never revved it past 4k....etc.

He walked over and made a guttural grunting sound, a sound of swelling rage.

Red-faced, he turned and lit into me about abusing his bike.

WTF? How did he know how I rode it?

Turns out that his tach had a defect and the needle was stuck right at the max revs I hit...IOW, redline.


He never let me ride another bike but remained a friend for many years.
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