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Originally Posted by KJD19892 View Post
**Edit: yeah the pics aren't working for me using photobucket. I suppose I will have to find the thread telling me how to do it cause I'm sure theres one around here.
From the way the page source looks, I would say the link you are using isn't an image file; it's an HTML file (one of the links in your original post looks like "" -- the ".html" at the end is a dead giveaway). The trick I use on Picassa should work for you, too: go to your photobucket page, view the image that you want to link to, then *RIGHT* click (two-finger click on a Mac, I believe), and select "View image in a new tab". In theory :) that should open up just the JPEG in a new tab. Copy the URL from the address bar, and past that as the link address here. HTH!
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