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Got mine today...I have a Fly Trekker and an AFX-39...the Bilt looks to be a better quality with the exception of the fit of the liner. The Bilt liner seems a bit loose and I catch my glasses on it.
Other then that I agree with what most others have said...the shield is currently tight and holds it's position well. The lack of a tab on the shield is annoying, not for closing the visor but lifting it...maybe with a bit a practice.

I tried fitting my Scotts OTG goggles and they seemed to fit fine.....

I do like how far up the shield goes...pretty sure this is higher then the other two

Though you can't see it too well in the photo, the liner is a bit loose

Size wise, all three of my helmets are XL, but so far the Bilt fits best...we'll see if it looses up when I wear it a bit.

I went out for a quick ride today after the helmet arrived (had to go see what damage the hurricane did )...It appeared to have less wind noise then the other two, and even getting the bike up to 80mph, the shield held it's 1/4 open position...

So far I like it....not bad for an $80 helmet (purchased with my NEX card and got a 20% discount on the $99 web price )
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