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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
The bashing tends to say more about the basher than it does about HD riders. This is Adventure Rider , not some bullshit brand specific forum where we ,as a community, practice exclusion on those that ride an "unapproved" brand or bike. Most anti-bashing complaints stem from the fact that the HD riders frequenting this forum tend to be people that love bikes and enjoy adventure travel on motorcycles. To hear some moron spew out mindless drivel about who someone is without actually knowing them should, quite frankly, never be accepted and always spoken out against. the truth is that anyone that choosing to stereotype to such an extent typically doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. That in and of itself is reason for complaint.

Honestly though ,why would anyone of reasonable intellect want to ostraciztimeople because of the motorcycle that they ride? Are people on this forum so full of contempt towards a company or memories from the "old days" that they would to embrace a mentality reminiscent of racists and their ilk ? Why practice the same "us vs them" type of stupidity that you claim to dislike from the HD heard crowd ? Seems both idiotic and hypocritical.
For the same reason anyone who hasn't been a member here since before the time of Christ gets told not to post etc.
I think some people are easily intimidated and very insecure. (maybe that's why they need a whale foreskin suit to ride to the corner store)

personally, I've never met a motorcycle I didn't like.
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