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It really depends on your DMV, but most would require it meets all the same regulations a car would, plus the frame would likely need to be halved as you cannot have two vin#.

And depending on your state getting it titled may or may not be possible, usually your state police will have to inspect it along with receipts for most materials and major components, as wells as a certified welding inspection of the frame before they will proceed to stamp out a vin plate for it, at least here in louisiana thats how it usually works.

But your best bet would be to check with your nearest dmv headquarters, usually regular dmv offices do not know jack about such things.

I actually know one guy here who has a shifter kart and F-1 car plated here lol, the shifter kart was the hardest because machines with a solid live axle are an automatic no when it comes to titling here.
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