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My brother-in-law was visiting us right after I got my Vstrom 1000. My wife got really pissed off when I told her I wasn't going to let him ride it (she's overly protective / sensitive about / of her family) No way was I going to let a guy who to my knowledge has only ridden scooters (and crashed the last one badly) get on a 1000 cc, heavy bike. She couldn't understand my reluctance and took it that l was questioning his manhood or something. He never asked to even sit on it, so I never needed to embarrass him by refusing.

On the other side of the coin, big bikes are fairly unusual here, so I get a lot of people wanting to take photos with it. If they are tall enough or they have a little kid, I usually let them sit on it for the picture... With one hand on a grip just in case! It makes their day since a 10 grand toy is waaay out of their reach.
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