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Originally Posted by slide View Post
My guess is that since the HD crowd obviously thinks that either you are riding a Harley or you aren't riding at all, its superiority sense is threatened by being outperformed by other marques. Passing them would be a demonstration of non-HD superiority so they can't permit that to occur./
Not it at all.

It's all about their "MC" and how it's "respected." Most aren't into that at all, but some are. There's even a local group of riders on who require "members" to go to an orientation ride, where they learn to ride close together and how to clock intersections from cars so the group stays together. Unshockingly, it was started by some cruiser riders. They really don't know any other way, but as mentioned, it's a small percentage of HD riders, who just happen to be highly visible.

That said, the whole HD lifestyle rider deal is too stupid for words.
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