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Originally Posted by riderjohn View Post
I got my 1986 XT back together and running today .The throttle is very stiff and doesn't close on it's own,I have to manually roll it off.Is something out of adjustment? Also,even after rolling off the throttle,when I pull in the clutch,the engine continues to run fast for a few seconds before RPMs drop back to idle speed.What can cause that?
Congratulations on your successful reassembly. When I got my low-miles German imported XT600, I had cable issues you might relate to. First and most noticeable was the sticky throttle. It ended up being a paper adhesive label still affixed to the handlebars, all I had to do was remove the twistgrip and clean the bars off. Yours might have a throttle cable gummed up instead. Second, I had a severely gummed up clutch cable. When i removed it from the bike, i would have to pull extremely hard to get the cable to move inside the housing. It took hours of spraying it with penetrating lubricants of 2 different kinds before it freed up and moved back and forth like a cable should. Once I got these two cables movement freed up, it was a night-and-day handling improvement; no more hard bucking when I would pull the clutch in in 1st gear at low speeds; the bike would rather smoothly disengage, and with the throttle cable, no more lingering throttle, it only acellerated and let of when I told it to.

Long story short, make sure all your control cables are functioning smoothly, it makes a big difference. IMHO.
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