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Talking To be RG... or not to be... DAKAR is a question...?

Originally Posted by Brads600 View Post
It's time to show and tell. We all know Robby is running hard with his SST project but with NBC on his side why wouldn't he look to be involved.

so just the other day Mr Gordon is on the Twitter saying things like this.....

Robby Gordon@RobbyGordon don't always believe what you read RT @thomasengrav: @RobbyGordon Dakar? Word on the forums is that you're devoting 100% to SST nxt yr

So I think it's time, what you think?
I had a similar discussion last year with an inmate from the states on the topic of RG's Hummbuggy and it's (continued) eligibility under the DAKAR rules for 2012/2013 onwards...

When Gordon's team first built the first version of the Hummer (back in 2005/06 ?) there was a pretty diffuse rule in the ASO/DAKAR rule about the admittance of documented SCORE vehicles competing at Dakar (even though not strictly adhering to the FIA Tech regs the rally is generally conducted under*). But in principle, it accepted vehicles that had a documented technical passport (racing log book) and competition history with SCORE.

* Since 1998 the DAKAR has always run under it's own (version) Technical regulations as far as vehicle eligibilty/specification goes... but broadly based on the FIA World Cup/CCR technical regulations - they have historically made some of their own amendments/allowances... especially as regards the inclusion of 2WD and SCORE vehicles for "high profile" competitors. A.k.a. the "Schlesser/RG" technical bulletins.

Now the thing here is, that RG's Hummer was never (from beginning) a SCORE race vehicle, he and the team built the car with DAKAR in mind (they subsequently did race it in select SCORE events at various times for testing/promotion purposes), so in fact the DAKAR Hummbuggy was never rally one or the other... kind of a "special case" that ASO definately saw as a drawcard, they wanted in the event... so the eligibility criteria were "massaged" on a year to year basis... In some respects.

Now one of the key things regards all this (quite aside from weight specifications, engine placement/capacity formula's, suspension travel limits, wheel diameter allowances or whether you can have a restricted tyre inflator, or iflation assisted inlet restrictor fitted to your vehicle ) is that ALL of the SCORE vehicles admitted to compete in DAKAR 2013 must have a technical passport from between 2006 (exact date 31st Dec 2005) and 2010...

It is my understanding that this rule exists so that the newer Trophy Trucks spec SCORE vehicles are NOT able to participate in the Dakar... deemed to be too technically advanced/brutal in terms of engine output, wheel travel and performance in general. Coincidentally the dates effectively put a "used by date" or limited lifespan of any SCORE vehicle to be entered at Dakar... in particular - in this case - the Hummbuggy as a platform for the Gordon team?

As I understood the rules (even last year) that RG's rig was on the last year of its "passport" as far as eligibilty in it's present form for DAKAR is concerned....

Now that is not to say that the Hummer/buggy could not be re-built and re-configured under the FIA T1 2WD regulations... This is possibly what Al Attiyahs California based team are doing? But as far as I can determine RG's SPEED Hummer last year was running (2011/2012) on the last of it's "use by date" as far as the passport/rule book goes.

Has he "re-built" the car(s)... has he got another extension on the paperwork...? What was the end result of the FFSA exclusion...?
Has RG decided to concentrate on his domestic US racing program and dis the Dakar? (what is SST...? )

He adds a great dimesion to the racing in his "all american" approach to the event... would be great to see him in Lima again...
but to date, no concrete announcement from his side as far as I have seen...?

Maybe he's playing his cards close to his chest... testing some new solutions out there in the Mojave somewhere...
and preparing to whoop some Mini-skirts and Sth African farm trucks in January...???

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