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Originally Posted by garandman View Post
That said, the whole HD lifestyle rider deal is too stupid for words.

Thanks for understanding that the beef people have with HD riders does not include ALL HD riders. That said I do have to ask why the HD lifestyle is seen as stupid but the KTM , BMW , Duc, etc lifestyles are somehow seen as acceptable ? While I see it as a bit silly I can't shit all over it or call people stupid for their personal choices. Then again I think that the Aerostitch covered GS rider with flip up transformer helmets strapping a Kermit chair and the knee puck, chest armor clad Repsol Sportbike crews are equally silly but still, it is their choice and since I don't know them I see no need to make a judgement call on who they are as people. Why the double standard ? Doesn't such a blatant condemnatory and hypocritical mindset get tiresome ?

Short-ish story:

I was one a ride one morning and I stopped by a local motorcycle meetup spot for a cafe con leche before pushing on. While there an older couple from VA (or VT..It's been awhile) showed up on a couple of loaded BMW's (GS650 and GS1200a). I went over to chat with them about their trip and their bikes. While speaking with the older gentleman about how much I like BMW's and how he likes his Ohlins upgrade ,a couple of loud piped cruisers rolled in and I made a comment about not understanding the uber loud pipe phenomenon (by the way the bikes were a Star and a Honda). This sent the man into a rant about Harleys and their owners...."HD owners can't ride, don't ride past the local bar, ruin motorcycling for everyone..I hate HD riders,...yata,yata,yata.." I kind of chuckled at the stupidity of his little outburst. He then asks "What bike are you on?". I pointed and said "That black Harley over there." He glared at me with what can only be described as a look of disdain and immediately stopped speaking to me. The couple geared up and headed out. While leaving the lot the man's wife lost her footing and her GS650 fell on top of her. Myself and two other HD riders rushed over and got the bike off of her. I asked her if she was alright and spoke to her for a couple of minutes just to ensure that she was okay (she was very sweet by the way). By this time her husband had returned to the parking lot and took over. As I walked away I looked over my shoulder at the now larger group of HD riders that were trying to help calm her down and checking over her bike to make sure it was safe to ride. All I could think of was "Man Karma is a timely bitch. Funny how she can instantly swoop in just in time to make someone feel foolish." I can only hope that the grumpy old man on the GSA learned a little something from that experience.
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