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Originally Posted by MTrider16 View Post
I'm there with you.

thanks, came through in good shape. rain quit at midnight, blue sky today. i got 14" of rain at the house from this storm. no trees down, as opposed to 60 trees down in the yard the last time.

my best generator story from my days as a Caterpillar dealer was during a big power outage a few years back. i installed a 45kw LP fired Cat genset at one of our big new homes and the emergency panel was set up to provide power to the main house, guest house, and pool house, all of which had big SBS refrigerator/freezer units. it was a summer home, so i sent a crew up to check the house the day after the storm, no damage, but the generator was purring along, fueled by a 1000gal underground LP tank. i called the client, and they said they would be down the next day, so i told them to clean out all the frig units and do a manual shut down on the genset if the power was not on when they left. trees down on their access road, they would have to walk in.

a week went by when i realized i hadn't heard from them. they never bothered to drive down and the genset had been running 24 hours under a minimal load for a week. they asked if i could empty the frigs, so i went back up there with a crew of laborers, cleaned everything out into garbage bags, shut down the genset, and hauled everything out back out to the main road. sent them a bill for $900, which they paid. it was just a bunch of crap in those refrigerators, my laborers didn't even want the stuff that was unopened.

met one of the neighbors struggling through this long power outage. he could hear this genset running 24 hours and knew no one was home. he wasn't pleased.

enough with this storm distraction...i'm headed to the shop, fab some parts for the beast.
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