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I had the same trouble on my '11. I caught it a little earlier than yours. Toward the end my bearing had 3-4mm play!

I'd doubt there is any damage down below - it doesn't look like your bearing fell apart. I'd dump the oil & inspect for metallic bits. I'd then flush it a few times & ride it.

Originally Posted by cantweallridealong View Post
Hi all

i am currently traveling south america on a KTM 690 Enduro and have a problem..

engine noise ticking very rapidly turned into a full melt down from the bike

i am some what mechanically inclined so i set to work.. to try to see what the hell had happened..

I was quite sure that this was a valve issue. took off the head to reveal a super f**ked Valve Rocker Bearing that has stripped it’s self and seized.. also damaging the Valve Cams too..

As i can tell there dos not appear to be any other damage done to any other parts..

my questions for anyone who can help is would this have done any other damage to the motor... i.e. the piston, cylinder etc... this is not an easy thing too tear down to check..

and other than ordering a new Rocker Arm and Valve Cam what else does anybody recomend i should replace with these..

many thanks

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