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Thanks guys.

SJ... I presume you mean Jeat's tuktuk / van business. He's got a couple of headaches tonight. His tuk tuk starter went today and he's got alternator problems too by the look of it. Its been a hard life for that little Honda... 7 years pulling the tuk tuk.. and it was second hand when he got it. When I dropped the bike out to his room for storage, he brought me back in the van. He's loaned it to a mate for 2 days. Brake pads are gone.... and he's got an 8am pickup.

They are pretty slack in their approach to things here. I did a bit of prodding and suggesting.

We had a somewhat damaging night last night. Not so much the frogs or even the eel or the steamed fish. More the beersssssssss. I saw 3am on the watch as I hit the sack... and then the alarm went off at 6am to do the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Ummm... no thanks.

The guys I'd all met out in the sticks over beer and fried crickets two years ago. One of them piped up today out at Ta Prohm... the Tombraider temple as its known.... "Hello Mr Ian" as I went past his tour group... sheesh. Can't hide anywhere here. The girl is from LA... one of two girls that one of the guys was showing the local food to. They handled the influx of extras well.


Here's a couple from today for you. I had a good chat to these monks who ended up saying prayers for me after I made a donation for one of their causes.

I know this girl from two years ago. She's still the same bubbly kid. She saved me $50 last time. "Hey Mister.... you are losing your money" Anywhere else, she'd have followed me and scooped it up as it dropped out of my pocket.

As usual, there were wedding photos going on at Angkor Wat. Dunno how, but I seem to have missed the groom.

She spoke perfect English and thanked me when I asked her if the groom knew how lucky he is.

and on that note... I'm off for a massage. Tomorrow, I fly back to Chiang Mai

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