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There's stupid blind 'brandism' in every group. Harley and BMW, Apple and Android, Democrats and Republicans, once you start talking to one of 'the converted' you're not going to get anything remotely resembling the truth from them. That sounds like what you've got with this guy.

I say all that from the perspective of someone that absolutely loves European bikes and has no interest in any current Asian or American bikes. That's not because I have anything against them, I'd love to buy (for example) an American made bike that both spoke to me aesthetically and performed technically, but for now that doesn't exist. To me, currently the European manufacturers are the leaders. They have all the reliability of the asian bikes (this has not always been the case) but still keeping the design abilities they've always been known for. If that changes though and one of the others manufacturers makes something that appeal to me, I'll certainly give it a chance.

Having said that, I don't think that Harley's or the Japanese bikes are 'crap'. Harley has probably the best fit and finish of any bike (at it's price point) available. The chrome is beautiful and their paint jobs are quite nice for factory jobs. I think they pay too much attention to style and not enough to substance though and as such I find their bikes gutless and uninteresting. The Jap bikes are technically quite sound but to me they are uninspired and cheap looking. I don't 'lust' after any of them, I don't loose myself in the details of any of the designs, even though technically they are quite good.

Now these are all my opinions and as such, very much like an asshole. But I'd never say that Harleys were cheap crap, or that Jap bikes were terrible. Neither of those statements is remotely true. I also don't think it is necessary to talk down one brand (or country) in order to complement another. So take what anyone says that denigrates everything else with a handful of salt. You don't need to talk down a good product to exalt a great one.

Feel free to buy a bike from this guy, but don't buy everything he's sayin'
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