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Originally Posted by judjonzz View Post
16/45, because I couldn't get a 46. It's a little too tall, but not bad. At least it's an easy swap to a 14t. I tried 16/43 once before, and thought it a complete waste of time.

The taller gearing might be okay with clubman bars, or even a Triumph Euro bend, but the aerodynamic profile of this bike is all wrong for tall gearing.
Jud, you realize that the stock setup is 15/43 (2.87), right?

Your gearing of 16/45 is 2.81, whereas 16/43 is 2.69. I'm not sure why you were aiming for 16/46 (2.88) because that is basically equivalent to stock. But, if you're like me and swap in the 14T for dirt duty, then I agree it's probably a good choice.

One thing I've found with doing this with a 14,16/48 combo is that I can't remove/install the 16T counter sprocket without taking out the rear axle. Complicates things and adds time. I even have a 110 link (IIRC) chain. Can you do this swap with stock chain (106 links) and without removing the axle?

And I agree with your aerodynamic statement.

Check out PBI for numerous options for KLR sprockets. They are aluminum, but I've had good results with them. Hard to find those odd sizes in steel.
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