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Alternator output

Hi Zombie Stomp

Before you get all excited about your fabulous output from the alternator you need to consider the following...

The engine needs 35 watts to run or 3 Amps
The headlight, if it's an H4 bulb, is 55w or 4.6 Amps
The instrument lights (on when you have the lights on) are 3.4w each and there may be 4 of them = 13.6w or 1.13 Amps
The tail light is 5w or 0.42 Amps
the brake light is 21W or 1.75 Amps
The indicators (only on for a short while obviously) are 21w each with a 5w instrument panel light = 47w or 4 Amps
You've just fitted heated grips that are 36W or 3 Amps (less than a pair of moulded ones and nowhere near as warm - I've had both types)

So, if your engine is running and you have your lights on whilst braking and indicating you're using 176.6w or 14.72 Amps - your generator is roughly 187w if it's the same as mine, an 600E 2003.
If your heated grips are on then you will be running a deficit until you knock off your indicators and brake lights.

I'm fitting a front CREE LED lamp that draws 10w or 0.83 Amps so I don't have to run with my headlight on when traversing Europe, Asia, Alaska and Canada next year. Then I can run my 40w heated waistcoat as well as my 50w heated grips. I have already cut down my energy usage by fitting a 35w HiD headlight unit which is 3 times brighter than the H4 and uses 20w less on dip and 25w less on main beam.
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