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Howdy All,

Day nineteen of the rideabout, was spent just wondering around the camp ground at the ORC. We pulled maintenance on the bikes, I did an all around bolt tightening on the Ural, also checked the valves had to adjust the right side exhaust it was a tad tight.

The air filter was packed with dirt.

The air filter on the Ural draws air from the INSIDE of the filter NOT from the outside. This is why many folks who are not knowledgeable of their new Ural will complain of poor engine performance and when they are told to check the air filter they mistakenly think its clean. This photo shows the outside of the dirty air filter, it looks clean.

Its the INSIDE that filled with crud.

The air filter cleaned, the valves set, bolts tightened, I do a walkabout of the camp site and check out the many different sidecar rigs, meet and talk to their owners. Oh and this pig just wandered free through out the campground quite a sight.

This is the pub at Bramwell Station, the center of social activity a place to get a beer, a meal and just sit around and swap lies.

Some shots of the campground.

I stop to visit with Lee, he is the Ural rider that was the first to pilot a Ural to the tip. Lee may have beat me to the tip but I think I actually rode further north as I rode a longways out onto the beach, still I congratulate him on his accomplishment.

There were three Ural's at the OCR, from left to right, Tony and his Ural, Cob riding the loaner Ural and Lee with his Ural.

Tony and Lee are both long time Ural riders in Australia, both had come up with interesting ways of copping with the heavy dust on the roads. Here Tony has used a snorkel with a replaceable cloth pre-filter to feed air to the air box from above the opening in the bottom of the stock air box.

Lee has done much the same thing to his rig.

I walked around the camp looking at and taking photos of the many sidecars rigs in attendance. I was amazed at how well thought out these rigs were, how many had complete kitchens built into them, one even had a 12 volt powered refrigerator. Here in no special order where rigs that I thought were really cool.

And so I wandered the camp ground talking to folks, taking photos and just enjoying the sunshine. That evening had another good meal, some beers and went to bed kinda early, when I am on the road I really don't sleep very well I am usually so wound up I snooze rather then sleep, tomorrow would be another long hard day will many klicks to cover as we started to ride south. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Oz sojourn.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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