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The Majesty seems to be rock solid, with one major issue. The valves. While they don't need to be checked for a long time, when they do, it is such a major job that I have heard it is cheaper to buy another scooter than to do the valves. I got this information from a Majesty forum when I was considering buying one. Apparently you have to just about disassemble the entire scooter, including removing the engine, to get to the valves.

I was considering buying a brand new leftover model, for almost $10K OTD, and would have reached valve adjustment time in about 3 years. I decided if it was that bad, the investment wasn't worth it. My three year old $10K scooter with 24K miles on it would be worth less than $3K. That is some very expensive riding. Used seems to be the only way to go with these.
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