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Originally Posted by reimorei View Post
Hi folks! Im looking for a dual-purpose bike here in Brazil and my choices narrowed to the Yamaha XT 660R or a Husky TE610. The Yamaha, I think, is more road oriented then the Husky but as Im a former enduro rider here (used to have WR 450, KTM 200, KTM 250, etc..) I think Ill have more fun with the Husky in off road sections and bad Jeep roads, although Ill need to use the bike also on the street, but only for comuting to work, about 5 to 10 miles a day.
For the same Year-model, the Husky costs 25% less then the Yamaha, and this is because the Husky importer here went out of businness and we have replacement parts problems, whereas Yamaha is solid here for more then 40 yrs, and the XT 660R is built in Brazil, and as its much more popular its resale is also better.
Ive heard of some XT660R putting more than 100k miles before a major engine rebuild.
What can I expect from a TE610 before a rebuild? Im aware of the cam chain problem.
The TE610 weighs around 100 lbs less than the Yamaha (306 vs 400) and have 5hp more.
I can find a 2008 TE610 here with the odo as low as 3.000 miles for 75% the price of 2008 XT660 averaging 15.000 miles.
Can I live with the TE610 in the streets on a daily basis? Im 56 tall, would have to lower the bike?
I can import parts if needed from USA, only have to wait more.
Thanks in advance for the advices
I guess it depends on what “dual purpose” means to you. The XT660R is not much of a dirtbike but it is very good for long days in the saddle. Comfortable commuter and adv bike, will handle luggage well, and is ok for easy trails.

I sold my XT660R this summer. I have not owned a TE610E (I assume you are talking about the E model) but have had several Husky bikes through the years and I’m sure it is much more capable off road. 5-10 miles per day commuting is nothing, the husky will be fine for that.

I don’t know about the fuelling system in the TE610E in your area, but the XT660R Yamaha has FI and not a carb. IMHO that is a big minus, lots of things more to go wrong.
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